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Carrie Underwood prays for her critics. After her performance in NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” many fans were not happy with her theatrical voice […]



Carrie Underwood Prays For “Mean People”

Carrie Underwood prays for her critics. After her performance in NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” many fans were not happy with her theatrical voice compared to her country music entertainment voice. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Haters will be haters but Underwood’s classy response let’s everyone know that she’s praying for them. Underwood […]

Liberals Confuse Separation of Church and State

After launching the site on Sunday, we received our first hate mail on Facebook regarding the separation of church and state: Traitors? I’m tired of hearing the left scream, “separation of church and state” as a justification to band Christianity.  That is definitely the most liberal way to interpret the constitution. This is Article One […]

The End of The Holliday Tree

Texas is at it again and I wish more states would follow their lead.  With their recently passed “Merry Christmas Bill”,  Taxan’s have the right to acknowledge traditional winter holiday’s on school grounds.  Students and teachers alike are allowed to say “Merry Christmas” without the fear of persecution. The bill’s website list “tales of Christmas […]

Obama Disagrees With Israeli Positions on Iran

Start watching the video at minute 8:56 There have been many times throughout history where the US has been blessed for supporting Israel.  There’s never been a time when going against Israel has resulted in a nation to prosper.  But what would you expect from our current administration. I’m also not sure how we make […]

Common Core Is Loaded Like A Diaper

One of the scariest things going on in our country is the impact of Common Core education.  We should all be very concerned about how the teachings of common core will impact future generations. My two favorite quote from this video by Alfonzo Rachel: Outcome isn’t really important, as long as the formula looks right […]

Student Wants To Stab an Israeli Soldier

The president of a university-funded student group at San Francisco State boasted how he loved his knife and that it made him want to stab an Israeli soldier. Really?!  I wonder what would happen if a Christian made those comments about stabbing a muslim? This photo shows Mohammad Hammad with a knife and beneath him […]

Ed Shultz Says God Supports Obamacare

Ed Shultz and the rest of  liberal media/society, seems to believe that God is a fan of Obamacare.  I’m not sure I agree with that. I’ve always been told that there’s two things that you should never discuss in a group of people (especially work); religion and politics.  I guess that’s because ultimately the two go […]

Taylor University’s Silent Night Tradition

Taylor University ranks #1 as the ‘Best Regional College-Midwest’ and is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana dedicated to its discipleship community.  But they also own one of the most unique traditions in college basketball. Each year before finals week, is the annual “Silent Night Game”. It’s simple, the fans are completely silent until the […]